Tecumseh Tennis Club

Congratulations to the Men’s and Women’s Singles Champions!

The Tecumseh Tennis Club’s Annual Tournament wrapped up over the weekend and the 2021 Men’s and Women’s Singles Champions have now been crowned.

With the largest Membership in recent history, the Men’s and Women’s Singles events drew many Club participants. The large draws meant a good number of closely contested matches to reach the finals. The skills on display and the size of the draws speaks to the growth of the Club and its development.

In the Men’s singles event, Raul Mercier defeated Brian Hanford.

In the Women’s singles event, Yvonne Mellows defeated Jennah Popowycz.

Congratulations to the 2021 champions and all Members that participated!

A big thank you to Sarosh Bhumgara, Russ Ford and Steve Theo for organizing the Annual Tournament. Thanks also to Steve Theo, who is generously providing racquet stringing services for the Singles champions, and to Wilson for donating prizes.

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