Tecumseh Tennis Club

Status Updates – Club Renovations and Membership Registration

Please find the latest updates on Club renovations and membership registration below.

Club Renovations
The City of Mississauga is managing the renovations at the Club. The court asphalt paving, new fencing, and entrance gate installation have been completed. The lighting contractor will start installing the new light poles in the second week of July.
We were anticipating that application of the acrylic colour coating for the courts would have started by now and so we have reached out to the City for an update. A meeting with the City’s project manager will be scheduled to learn more.

Membership Registration
The Executive Board of the Club has been working hard to implement a new online registration and court booking system with the CourtReserve platform. The system has now been successfully set up and Members will enjoy the simple and user-friendly application.

We will await information from the City to determine the target opening date BEFORE accepting member registration.

Updates will be posted on the Club’s website and instagram when available. An email will also be sent to returning members when more information is known.

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